We believe collaboration is the key ingredient to create the best products. We carefully select who we partner with based on our core values: honesty, know-how and vision. We recognize that our magic is only possible thanks to our trusted fiber and technology partners.

Fibre partners

We trust the source of organic cotton coming from Remei AG, who guarantees supply chain transparency from seed to us.
Their organic cotton is sown and harvested manually and without any use of genetic engineering or chemical or synthetic pesticides. Instead, the farmers use beneficial animals and natural pesticides such as an extract of neem trees. In order to preserve soil fertility and biodiversity, and to prevent soil erosion, Remei’s organic cotton is grown in crop rotation.

The fibers technologies we use include: Tanzania organic.

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We source cellulosic fibers through the Lenzing Group to ensure that the wood pulp used to create the fibers comes only from sustainably harvested trees. The fibers & technologies we use include:
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell: lyocell rayon fiber
  • TENCEL™ Modal: soft rayon made from beechwood trees
  • TENCEL™ with REFIBRA™ technology: lyocell fibers made of wood and upcycled cotton waste
  • LENZING™ FR: flame-resistant cellulosic fiber
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Smartfiber AG gives us access to their innovative high-tech wellness fibers, made in a closed loop with no chemicals released as waste.

The fibers & technologies we use include:

  • SeaCell™ LT: fiber produced exclusively from sustainable raw materials (wood and seaweed) using methods that save both energy and resources. The fiber is carbon neutral and completely biodegradable
  • SeaCellTM MT: Modal technology brings the power of seaweed to a fiber
  • Smartcel™ sensitive: an innovative lyocell fiber, which includes the essential trace element zinc
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A fiber company with over 60 years experience, Trevira provides us with high-value polymer fibres. Our go-to places for our premium sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fibres, made with PLA.

The fibers & technologies we use include:

  • Trevira T400 PLA Ingeo™: PLA (polylactic acid) biopolymers – a biodegradable cereal-based (generally using maize) fiber range, a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fibres
  • Trevira T140 Bioactive: For a plus in cleanliness and freshness. Trevira Bioactive fibres contain an antimicrobial additive, which is active in / on the fibre inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It has no effect on the skin flora.
  • Trevira T350 Low Pill: As a result of the polymer modification, fabrics containing Trevira 350 take on a softer handle. The low-pill properties make it possible to manufacture yarns that are softer and fabrics that are lighter. At the finishing stage there is no requirement for additional measures to avoid pilling.
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Outlast® technology enhances textiles by providing the benefit of proactive temperature regulation that manages heat and moisture in many textiles.

Tearfil is the exclusive Outlast licensee partner for yarn producing in Portugal.

The fibers & technologies we use include Outlast® technology – originally developed for NASA, absorbs, stores and releases heat for optimal thermal comfort.

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DuPont Biomaterials brings world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace, sharing our mindset by focusing on partnerships with forward-thinkers to promote the new bio-economy.

It does so through its novel bio-based solutions for industries as varied as packaging, food, cosmetics, apparel and carpeting, all facing the challenges of greening their supply chains and offering high performance, sustainable choices to their downstream customers.

The fibers & technologies we use include DuPont Sorona ® – the elastomultiester fiber made of 37% plant-based materials.

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Institutional partners

Kaizen Institute is a multinational company of Japanese origin, a world leader in KAIZEN™ and a specialist in continuous improvement. Tearfil is the winner of the Kaizen Lean Award – PME, Excellence in Quality

ATP – Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal (Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal) is an employers’ association that ca. 500 companies from the entire Portuguese textile and clothing sector. Altogether, these companies are responsible for more than 35,000 jobs, and a turnover of 3,000 million Euros; two thirds of this value represents exports.

CITEVE is a Technological Institute which provides technological support and services to companies acting in the textile & clothing business.

Fibrenamics is an international platform that belongs to University of Minho that is working across sectors – with an emphasis on architecture, construction, sport, medicine, protection, transport and home textiles – covering all the extraordinary world of fibers.

Drip by Drip is the world’s first NGO committed to tackling water issues in the fashion and textile industry.

Montebelo is a creative studio and textile consultancy that supports us on our way to become a more sustainable company while making it look good.