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Our people are the essence of everything we do. They empower our business through their unlimited passion, know-how, and curiosity to constantly bring innovation.

We strive to guarantee a value-driven, intergenerational, multicultural, and inclusive workplace that feels like a big family, so that everybody feels well. We have no tolerance for racism and discrimination.

Tearfil is a passionate, proud yet humble team. Tearfil is solution oriented and client driven. Tearfil is a place for avid learners and smart teachers who actively seek to be the best version of themselves. Tearfil is bold and innovative and not afraid to change. Tearfil values diversity and holds no prejudice and expects others to do the same. Tearfil is a safe space, where security is non-negotiable. Tearfil nurtures collective responsibility, social and environmental. Tearfil values transparency, ethical conduct and integrity inwards and outwards.

Maria de Belém Machado


Bernardino Andrade


Marixcela Súarez


Marla Gonçalves

Sales and Marketing Director

Carlos Carvalho

Financial Director

Cristina Castro

Quality & Assurance Director

Raúl Matos

Production Director

Paulo Freitas

IT Director

David Silva

Logistics & Operations Director

Vera Costa

Area Sales Manager / Portugal

Bernardino Ferreira

Area Sales Manager / Portugal

Cristiano Santos

International Sales Manager

Fernando Oliveira

International Sales Manager

Fernanda Silva

Quality Control Manager

Inês Pinto

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We are here to open our doors and opportunities to committed individuals who are looking to grow their talent and professional skills, nurture our Portuguese textile tradition and bring a fresh new perspective to it.

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“My name is Diogo Ferreira, I’m a spinning operator. My main function is to check on the spinning machine if there are any yarn breaks. I’m also in charge of minor cleanses in the spin weighting arms and supervising the transitions of fully loaded yarn cones. Besides that, after the cleaning team washes the machines, I help make sure the machinery is put into production mode. I like the fact that my job always keeps me moving around. I enjoy the responsibilities that come with my work, even when I have fewer assignments, I take the initiative and advance on other tasks, such as cleaning the work space. I really appreciate working with my colleagues.”
“My name is Bento Ferreira, I’m a Shift Supervisor. I work at the spinning stage of yarn production, and I’m in charge of conducting a pre and during-shift examination of the machines setting across the spinning line including carding, drafting, spinning frames, and winding, making sure everything is operational. I’m also responsible for supervising the group of people working in my shift. Besides that, I work together with my colleagues, especially if there is an essential process that requires more time and attention. I truly enjoy doing what I do and being able to do it with great people!”
“My name is Márcia Nogueira, I’m a yarn packing and weight operator. At Tearfil my work is crucial to assure that my shift operation requirements and needs are satisfied without any stops or failures. My job consists of doing a regular visual control of the winding and yarn quality, as well as packing and weighing yarn batches and also controlling stock of yarn supports (cones), pallets and spare packing cartons. I always try to give my best because I feel valued here. I enjoy working alongside my colleagues and I believe I can improve and grow in the long run in this factory.”