For progressive brands, mills and fiber producers looking for the right blend of dedication, transparency and know-how. We are the spinning partner who evolves with you

We are Tearfil

A visionary spinning mill rooted in Portugal since 1973. We recognize our key role in the textile sector and, with our partners, we are committed to building a more connected, honest and responsible industry.

Blending our team’s solid know-how, our suppliers’ best ingredients and our customers’ progressive ideas, Tearfil’s mission is to create the smartest, cleanest, most sustainable yarn solutions yet.


We offer a rich portfolio of yarn compositions and types. Our advanced spinning facilities produce ring spun, compact, open end, siro spun, vortex / air jet, injected, multi colored, melange, flamé and jaspé yarns.

From organic cotton and hemp, lyocell and modal, and the latest next-gen material innovations, we carefully select our fibers based on quality, traceability and sustainability attributes. 


We believe collaboration is the key ingredient to create the best products. We carefully select who we partner with based on our core values: honesty, know-how and vision. We recognize that our magic is only possible thanks to our trusted fiber and technology partners.