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Reuse Collection

Responsibility. Recuperar. Upcycle. Where we put an end to our own waste.

Recycle Collection

Innovation. Creativity. Circularity. Ready for a new life.

Naturally Conscious Collection

Organic & renewable sources. Sustainability. The nature within.

Creative Linen Collection

Narrowing the thin line between roughness & fluidity. Linen rich blends.

Infini Collection

Biodegradable & recycled fibers. Longevity. Easy care. Our circular future, plant-based.

Creative Melange Collection

Raised textures. Graphics motifs. A daring selection of fancy yarns.

Luxury Blends Collection

Smooth wool. Soft cashmere. Natural & botanical silk. Marrying performance with luxury.

Tech Collection

Wellness. Protection. Thermoregulation. Advanced engineered yarns for intelligent fabrics.

Rainbow Collection​

Fully traceable. Colour melange yarns. From seed to you.